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BurlingtonDavid is a four series weekly blog started by David Vandenberg that covers Burlington’s Local Heroes, Business Champions, Heritage, and Community.

My Purpose

Burlington is full of folks of all ages who strive every single day to create a virtuous, equitable and compassionate community. Reflecting on over a decade of local engagement, I have had the privilege of learning about our community, the heroes within it and the landscape in which we live – here in Burlington, Ontario.

I hope to highlight some of our local heroes, business champions, heritage and community issues through this blog.

The people of Burlington are what make our city great. From our not-for-profit leaders, administrators of community groups, charitable leaders, youth and advocates who speak up for others, Burlington leads by example. I will highlight one Local Hero a month.

Small businesses are the backbone of the Canadian economy. During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have been doing everything possible to survive. I will highlight Business Champions in Burlington once a month and include ways you can help their business during these difficult times.

Burlington would not be the city it is today, without our wonderful heritage. Heritage often starts with the question: why? Why was this street named Cheltenham? Why was the community built in this way? In collaboration with local genealogist Mike Quackenbush, I will be talking Burlington Heritage once a month on BurlingtonDavid.

Community includes many facets of topics for exploration. Including local issues, charitable stories, tips and tricks, personal advice and relevant information in the City of Burlington. Once a month, I will be providing some perspective on our community and what it has to offer.

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A Little Bit About me

Nice to meet you!

If we have not met before, thanks for popping by! If we know each other, welcome back! My name is David Vandenberg. I am a passionate community leader and speaker in the Halton Region. My deep commitment to innovative community and city-building inspired me to work in the advocacy space for local organizations.

I am a recent McMaster Grad who now works as the Operations Manager of the Meal Bag Program at Wellington Square United Church. Outside of work, I love to capitalize on our proximity to hiking and biking trails, sit on boards of local charities and advocate for issues and people that are close to my heart.

Building bridges is what I do. I truly believe that when we work together in our community, we can drive a bigger social impact. I hope you enjoy hearing about some of the incredible people, businesses and stories I have to share with you here in Burlington.


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